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To Install the WCMVP(WooCommerce MultiVendor Platform) follow the steps :-

note:- “WCMVP lite version is mandatory to be installed before the pro version”

  • First of all Login to your Admin panel of WordPress
  • From the left sidebar open the Plugins→Click On Add New→Click On Popular→ Search For WooCommerce→Hit the Install button. After Installation Activate
  • Configure the WooCommerce as per your requirements. If you are facing issues and any problem we strongly recommend you to take a look of WooCommerce Documentation. You may also go through with WooCommerce Guide Tour this will give you the perfect way to start and also everything is depending upon it.
  • Download WCMVP-Lite From WordPress as WCMVP-Lite.zip
  • After Completion Go Back To Plugins→Add NewUpload File→Click Browse→ Select WCMVP-Lite.zip file OR Install it from Plugins by searching in the Add New Plugin section
  • When Done, Click On Activate Plugin As Shown Below→
  • Now moving forward, Go To Plugins→Add NewUpload File→Click Browse→ Select WCMVP-Pro.zip provided by us
  • After this Go to Plugins→Hit the Activate button as shown below→
  • After completion you will see a WC Multi Vendor Platform icon on the left-sidebar.
  • Click on it and you will see an attractive admin Dashboard.
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